Builds a strong team bond.

It’s time to come and enjoy at the RF. Jr. NBA Weekend festival being held at your city. The weekend festival is for kids falling in the age group of 6-10. The camp hosts various fun basketball activities like passing, dribbling, shooting, footwork & gameplay. Participating kids will be handed an individual score sheet. After every drill, their performance scores will be updated in their respective sheets by RF. Jr. NBA coaches.


Helps you reach excellence.

Be a good sport and maintain discipline. Treat your teammates, coaches and players with respect and dignity. Coaches volunteer their time to work for the betterment of your team, so value their time and be attentive. Learn the rules. Set an example for others by playing fair. Never question officials. Even their intention is to have a fair game.


The only way to victory.

Hardwork begins with practice and ends with perfection. Listen to your coaches; they are here to make your game better. You might be a pro in shooting, but you must also polish every move and technique needed to score baskets for your team.


True sportsman spirit earns admiration.

Everybody jumps on the court with the aim of winning. But one shouldn’t do away with the right ways of playing the game. Always play by the rules. Keep supporting your teammates and never put them down. Don’t let the bench time affect your game, just keep your calm. Avoid getting into an argument with the coaches, referees or opponents. Don’t sledge. Only one team wins, so no matter which side you are on, exchanging a handshake is a good gesture to value the spirit of the game.


Multiplies strength for a tough fight.

Be a good teammate! It adds to the strength of your team, making it win more games. Keep interacting with your teammates; cheer them up throughout the game. It will charge them up to play better. High fives and handshakes after a good play also make your teammates feel good. Listen to your coaches. Even the best players in the NBA need to do it. That’s how they get even better!

3 Seconds

Violation in which an offensive player remains within the key for more than 3 seconds at one time.

3-Point Play

When a player is fouled but completes the basket and is then given the opportunity to shoot one free throw to convert the 3-point play.

Alley-Oop Pass

A pass thrown to a player who is running toward the basket. The second player leaps, catches the ball in midair and dunks it or lays it in before the player lands.


An assist is a pass that leads directly to a made basket for a teammate, therefore assisting in the completion of the scoring play. An assist can be awarded for a pass to an open teammate on the perimeter for a jumpshot, a fast break pass to a teammate for a layup, a pass to a teammate in the low post that leads to a score and plenty of other game situations.


The board that the basket is attached to. Usually made of fiberglass or wood. In the NBA, the backboard is 6 feet wide and 3 1/2 feet high.

Bank Shot

A shot aimed at the backboard, so the ball will bounce into the basket.


The line at each end of the court, under each basket.

Baseline Out-of-
Bounds Play

A play used to return the ball to court from the baseline. The team with the ball has 5 seconds to pass the ball inbounds to a teammate.


Rim and net attached to backboard. Also means a successful shot.

Block/Blocked Shot

A block occurs when a defensive player deflects a shot attempt of an offensive player resulting in a missed shot. The defender must block the shot while the ball is traveling upward towards the basket. After the ball reaches its peak and begins to move downward toward the basket, if a defender touches the ball, then goaltending is called and the basket counts.

Block/Spot on
the Court

The block is a spot on the lane line near the basket that is used to line up for free throws. There are 2 blocks near each basket. The block is also used as a location on the court in which coaches will ask their players to position themselves on.

Bounce Pass

A pass thrown by a player to a teammate that bounces on the floor.